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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
The v4 server did not keep the detailed log that v5 server does. So, no, there is no way to tell which user found a factor, returned a no-factor result, did the P-1, etc. The LL results table did record the userid and user-provided computer name, but did not record the date of the result (so no help in rediscovering milestone dates).

The reason I brought up the v4 server data, is that it could be used to find P-1 bounds of exponents that have later had a factor found. The v5 server deletes that information from the "exponents with no known factor" table, but is often still available in the detailed results log.
I peeked in the v4 database and unless I'm looking in the wrong spot, I only saw some of those types of details starting with exponent 15,541,007.

I didn't dig very deep in there though.

The "option 2" to store that data in a new table seems workable, with a view that could easily show it along with whatever other info if needed. :)
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