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Yes. Losing 25,862,597 residuals (to-date) would indeed suck.

Thus we have a DRP based on nightly off-server backups.
I have successfully tested the recovery from these backups.
I have even documented and tested a complete server s/w re-build from scratch.

RPO based on Maximum loss is 1 day plus 30 minutes (per scheduled backup propagation)

RTO is less than a week.

My target is 48 hours.

My tested recovery time was 5 hours from response time depending on hardware availability.
I made hardware available.
Hardware availability and config took longer than expected on the last test run, but the stats code has been upgraded to run on the newest versions of the middle-ware since that issue was identified so that problem has been eliminated.

Last DRP test run date was ... rummaging for the accurate date time ... 17-MAR-2011

Next DRP test run should be around September.

/edit - I checked the last off-site backup, it's getting a bit old. I'll archive a new one in the next 24 hours - edit/

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