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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
$25-35. They are generally 470-500 watts. The cheapies are $18-25 at the store that I frequent.

You should know. When you originally sent me the specs for my first 6 AMD machines, you had power supplies with them.
Yes, but I knew that for the Intels you bought the power supplies locally; I didn't know what grade they were (some computer stores might not even stock the totally bargain-basement ones).

Yeah, $25-35 is still pretty cheap. That kind of price tier is generally OK for less-crucial stuff like crunching boxes, but for a server we'll want something better. Thanks Nugget and Vaughan for the recommendations--I'll do some shopping around to find a better replacement for jeepford (and also for Gary's i7 while I'm at it). Even if both of their existing power supplies are actually OK, it will be good to have better ones in there going forward and he can always use the two leftover cheapies as spares or for future crunching boxes.
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