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The host has been up for 92 continuous days, although I can't vouch for the LLR ports.

@Max &/ Gary
there is an increasing number of patches and updates pending to the host.
Please run the updates and then the upgrades.

"IFF" (If and only if, heh heh) the update process says it is necessary, please schedule a restart.
About 25% of an hour should do it.
Best at xx:30 hrs and the hour being bang-howl (where bang is "!" and howl is midnight)
The reboot may not be required, but I suspect that the 92 days uptime includes the release date of at least one Sec.Patch that the upgrade process will tell you requires a reboot.

Your post above about the site being unreachable coincides with a similar post I made regarding another site that is hosted (physically and logically) not so far away from noprimeleftbehind.
It looks very much like there were many sites that experienced a major network slow down and even network outages at that time.
Ask the ISP if you need further info.

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