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Everything is back up and running.

I don't understand why every time that I have a power outage, the internet goes out also despite everything being plugged into a UPS backup with all of the router/modem still having lights flashing (although not the ones that are needed on the modem). Unfortunately the main power lines are above ground on the main street near me (which is usually where the problem is) although the lines to the houses are underground but all of the cable lines are underground. Something just doesn't seem quite right about what happens. It makes the UPS backup almost pointless other than a convienience to avoid having to jump through all of the hoops of restarting the server machine. this case, the outage was 1-1/2 hours and my backup was exhausted at 1-1/4 hours so I was completely black for about 15 mins. So we would have had an outage regardless of the UPS this time around.

The outages seem to be virtually unrelated to weather. Severe storms seem to rarely knock it out. Although it rained most of the day here today, it was virtually perfectly clear when it went out near 1 AM CDT (6 AM GMT). It's the longest outage I've had in nearly 2 years so the UPS backup is sufficient a large majority of the time. The problem is the loss in internet connection, which I can't quite get a handle on right now.

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