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@ Willem and Gary: Excuse me for asking a ton of questions, but if it is not the covering sets (as I thought) that comes as output in the line saying something with "examining the primes in the covering set"(1) in the command line program, then what is it?

Example given:

Sierpinski base: 1023
1.: 13,61,1321 (covering no/yes?)
k: 632462
Exponent: 6

Hope it is clear what I asked, and also, if the "1." isn't the conjecture, the why is the covering.exe program only programmed to come up with a solution only and not a covering set on the same time?

My questions doesn't mean that I'll do any more conjectures, as stated earlier I doesn't have the skills, but they are simply out of curiosity and a slim hope of someday understanding



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