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Default Some double-checking done for 300 < k < 450

I'm not going to list them yet until I'm more complete with this effort, but just to show everyone the magnitude of the problem that we have with Prime Search, I've tested the primes on our site that were copied over from Prime Search for 'ONLY' the range of 300 < k < 450 up to 'ONLY' n = 25K. Obviously this is a very small portion of the effort so far. In addition to this, I tested two k's in the range that had unusually large gaps between their primes up to n = 100K.

In doing this, I have already found 6 missing primes! :surprised 4 were in the range of 16K < n < 25K and 2 more were for 75K < n < 100K on one of the two k's that had an unusually large gap in its primes.

I now have a complete list of primes up to n = 25K for all k < 1000 and am in the process of checking it vs. our site now. I'm also LLRing up to n = 50K for further verification later on.

I'm pretty sure that 300 < k < 1000 will be our most error-prone range of k so I'm checking it first.

Kosmaj, I'm just now starting a sieve on the 6 k's < 300 for the ranges of n that you suggested in your prior post.


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