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As far as I'm concerned, I am doing most of my tests on overclocked machines, however I am performing regular stability checks on each of these CPUs (once a month 18-24 hours stability test). Additionally after any BSOD, new aplication installed or even simple computer restart I run 2-6 hours torture test and only afterwards continue with LLR. That way I've discovered some time ago that one of MS patches to WinXP caused a lot of BSODs on my system, and eventually I had to reinstall Windows XP.
Separate case is concerned with hardware malfunction: after one of the computer restarts, my C2Q showed some instability under Windows - it turned out that memory died. I re-did 2 weeks of work there and compared all residues.
Also when running LLR I slightly overlap ranges to be tested on different machines and afterwards check if the residues match.
Bottom line: so far I have not came across any non-matching residue.
If someone wishes to double check any of my work I can provide all residues.
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