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Originally Posted by Kosmaj View Post
Intervals reported there as tested by people outside of "15k" and RPS were double-checked by us, and in some cases (k>250) by people from "Prime Search". Those reported by us were not double-checked AFAIK. For example, I tested k=77 from k=20k to 1.3M and from 100k it was not double-checked.
OK, good. Do we have results files from anyone? If not, for certain 'trusted' testers, I'd think it wouldn't be necessary to double-check them. For instance, if you confirmed that your testing was done on a stable non-overclocked machine, I'd say it be a waste of time to double-check it. What are your thoughts on that? And I'm arrogant enough to say that any double-checking by anyone else of my testing would be a waste of time. (I just have to not make any errors when posting them to the threads here!) Mainly it's just that I have stable machines that are not overclocked and I keep my house at no more than 78 degrees F even while I'm away, just for this reason.

Thanks for help and info.

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