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Can you confirm what k's and ranges have been double-checked on our site? Yesterday, I did a relatively quick sieve and LLR for all k < 1K for n < 25K and did spot checks on about 50 k's and found no errors. I seem to recall reading that there was some effort at some point to check all k < 300 for n < 100K, but that may have been for Proth's and I'm not sure if it was extended up to k=1K. I don't want to turn this into a triple-check effort!

For the most part, I feel confident that the k < 300 site is error-free for known ranges searched. The main thing that I'm looking for in this is to verify almost every prime that was originally posted on the Prime Search site for 300 < k < 1K. Since I've found so many issues when comparing it to the top-5000 site, I'm thinking I'll find issues with primes not in the top-5000.

Eventually, I'd like to double-check as much as is humanly possible on our site and will use this new thread to post my progress and what ranges and k's that I have double-checked. Initially, I hope to check up to n=50K but ultimately would like to double-check up to as high as n = 200K...perhaps when computers get a lot faster or I get access to several more machines!

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