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Well, I would prefer not to be sick.
But in case I am sick, of course my first action would be to try to move away from the loved ones and friends. They don't have to pay for my sins/stupidity/misfortune/whatever. And let's accept that getting infected today, when everybody is so well informed, and can try to stay clean and insulated, if he choses so, without being enforced, it is a bit of everything. I mean especially stupidity, unless you are really unfortunate (yeah, I know some will eat me alive for this sentence). If the "moving away" comes with "free accommodation and two or three meals per day", than the sooner the better.
But in reality, the things are more complicate. What you propose, needs a lot more than will. And I am thinking, still, only at the "perimeter" of such reverse-quarantined areas. Think about the piracy on the west Indian Ocean, the whole world is not able to stop it, because the area is so large, even if they sent so may ships there, and they monitor pirate ships from satellites. Add to that a couple of millions small boats... (people moving from here to there).

Also, the idea is not new. That's a bit what South Korea did, they tested almost everybody, and insulated the sick. But this assumes you can test everybody (have tests, have will, have people/resources).

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