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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
You probably want to bump both -G and -g.

Auto-appending .pfgw to the output file name is intended in this case because of the -T option. I suppose I could change so that .pfgw is only appended if -T is specified thus making -O a prefix for file name instead of a file name.
I try that but got error: my card has only 6 GB of DDR6 , so it broke: it looks like 6 GB is not enough. On current settings it use 4 GB of RAM

By the way how to activate
-x --testterms test remaining terms for GFN divisibility

Can I just input number of candidate and try to test it without sieving or I need to done sieving and in next step application test remain candidates?

e:\MTSIEVE\GFDN>gfndsievecl.exe -i gfnd.pfgw -x
gfndsieve v1.8, a program to find factors of k*2^n+1 numbers for variable k and n
Fatal Error: cannot use -i and -x together


I try other combination but it doesnot work also :(

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