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Good news. I found and fixed the bug with cksieve (stupid x86 asm). Here is a complete list of changes:

   Add an internal flag that guarantee that suspends all but one Worker when
   processing the first chunk of primes.  This is used to improve performance
   when there is a high factor density for low primes.  This will also suppress
   any on screen reporting or checkpointing until that chunk is processed.
   Fix issue in computing CPU utilization.
   Changed -c (chunksize) option to -w (worksize).
   Change output to use shorter notation for min and max primes.

   cksieve   - Fixed.
   gfndsieve - Enable the flag mentioned above.
   fbncsieve - Enable the flag mentioned above.
   fkbnsieve - Added, but not tested.
Visit my page to get the link to d/l the latest source and Windows builds.

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