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Originally Posted by danaj View Post

This is all way too complicated, with too many things floating around (e.g. are we still talking about 1000M digit primes?
Yes, but only in the following capacity:

* I had this idea of a formulaic approach to the EFF challenge where you would come up with a mathematical expression (which would probably fit in a single sheet of paper) which would be of`the form of a sum.
* The sum could be evaluated in a truncated form (limited and manageable significant digits) which would be shown to be around 10^10^10 and to be less than the largest-factor-of-the-addends-of-the-sum^2, which would then be sufficient proof of primality
* To do this you would need to have either a general or perhaps specific formula for a sum which would converge to such a value
* I do not know how to get to such a formula which is the reason why, I registered and joined this delightful forum. to ask for assistance

The only valid argument against such an approach was presented by one of the MODs on the Physics Forum which has since decided to lock that thread. I think his point is valid but not necessarily without solution.

At this point I doubt very much any useful discussions can be generated in this thread.
I suggest we let it sink or be locked so that we can get on with our lives.

Thank you all for you patience, time and participation.

I would specially like to thank danaj and schickel.
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