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Originally Posted by Unregistered
I have 4 Intel SRPL8 servers clustered. Each server has 8 Intel Pentium III Xeon 900Mhz procs. As an example, on each server I am able to run 8 separate instances of Seti@Home’s text based client to make full use of all 8 procs. Can I do this with Prime95 and if so how?
There are two ways in which you can do this, AFAIK . The first is running multiple copies of the prime95 client (single-threaded) and start the client with parameters telling it that more than one copy is running. ( -A0, -A1,,,-A7). The clients need to be started from the cmd line (assuming you are running windows). In this case you are testing 8 exponents simultanously on each machine.

The second way is to run Glucas, a multithreaded mersenne application. In this case you are testing 1 exponent at a time on each machine.


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