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I have attached a program pm1dump, I haven't done a lot of testing but it works for the tests I have done. It can be compiled with 'gcc -o pm1dump pm1dump.c' and then run as

$ mprime; pm1dump mNNNNNNN | ecm -resume - B1 B2

where mNNNNNNN (or lNNNNNNN) is the mprime stage 1 save file and B1, B2 are the new bounds.

I have noticed that compared to running stage 1 with gmp-ecm and using the -save option that a different residue X is created, and that there is no entry for the initial point X0. Despite this the stage 2 completes and finds the expected factors for the few exponents I have tested.

I will post updates to this thread if I find any bugs.
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