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Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see the thread when it was openend and usually don't read these forums very frequently.

I once started to write a tool to convert Prime95 P-1 save files to gmp-ecm format but never quite finished it. In fact, I think it worked o.k. on x86 but portability was not complete. If only I could find that code now.. Anyhow, the Prime95 P-1 save file format changed in the meantime, the changes mostly affecting save files from within stage 2 afaik which is not important to getting stage 1 residues over to gmp-ecm, but will probably prompt a few changes nonetheless.

I'll try to find the old code and see what needs to be done. Teaching gmp-ecm to directly read Prime95 P-1 save files is something I'd like to include in the next release, if the other developers agree to the idea.

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