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Originally posted by Complex33
Too bad the server can't split the TF's up between the instruction sets... below 64 to non SSE2 machines and above to SSE2 machines.
A variation of the first part of that can, and in my opinion should, be done with an edit to prime95. There are some computers doing TF that take forever to complete it. In fact, some take so much time, that the LL front wave overtakes them. When this happens, it defeats the entire purpose of TF. The v4 server works with the FactorOverride=n command, so all that needs to be done is tell prime95 to automatically put this command in for really slow machines at a reasonable bound. That way, the slow machines can take the easy parts of TF, and the fast ones can finish the job. The only complexity I see is how to make sure the slow machine does not continuously take the same exponent which has already been factored past its bound, and then release it, and take it again.

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