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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
Well if that happens, then they can just concentrate on Drives 5,6,and 7 till the Advanced Molasses Device catches up.


Could I talk you into halving your ranges on each core while I'll pick up the remainder of each starting on Feb. 26th or so?

I know it sounds a little messy but it shouldn't be. Just let me know what ranges you won't be doing and I'll load one of my 3 quads up with those ranges after my current P=1T-4T range is done on the above date. Assuming that we do that, I'll reserve only a P=2T range instead for the other 2 quads. Alternatively, I may add a 4th quad to the effort. [If you do that, I'm assuming that you would give up P=4250G-4500G, 4750G-5000G, 5250G-5500G, & 5750G-6000G and will only process P=4000G-4250G, 4500G-4750G, 5000G-5250G, & 5500G-5750G.]

All you'll have to do is a Ctl-C to stop each and restart each with a new maximum P-range. Obviously the minimum range would remain the same. Sr2sieve will just start where it left off at.

By doing that, I think there will be a very good chance that we'll be close to ready by the end of March to break off n=500K-600K. I hate to stop the very prolific and popular k=1400-2000 range for too long.


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