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Are you reserving 74 days work? If so, I'd prefer if people only reserve about 2 weeks worth of work at a time. I'm requesting that in case we have a "heavy player" come along who swoops up and is able to complete everything to P=~15T in 2-3 weeks. We don't straggling ranges holding us up at that point.
This AMD quad has always been about twice as slow as my Intels. I even added 2gb (up to 5gb) of memory yesterday and it sped it up about about 5%. I'm trying to find a Bios replacement. It has to be the mobo thats holding it back.

I've already started the 74 days of work. Besides, this is the only machine I have available. After this batch, I'll reserve just 2 weeks worth. This machine would been ideal for that other sieveing effort we talked about a month ago.

PS: I checked, I have the 64bit SR2Sieve on a 64 bit machine.

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