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Originally Posted by MyDogBuster View Post
Gary, I did a test run om my old AMD Quad. Doing 500G per core gives me an estimate of Apr 26 to do 2T. Does this sound about right. Thats 74 days to do 2T on 1 machine. Your doing 1T in 15 days. Using SR2Sieve 1.7.15, the same program I used for the last sieve effort.

OBTW, Reserving 4000G to 6000G

No. I'm doing P=250G per core in 15-16 days (i.e. 1T per quad). You're doing P=500G per core in 74 days (i.e 2T on a quad). If it was the same speed as mine, it shoudl take you 30-32 days per core. Hold old is your quad. Although I'm using 2.4 Ghz Intel's, the AMD's should be nearly as fast for sieving. Are you running 64-bit sr2sieve on a 64-bit O.S.? Since it's an older AMD, I would almost exactly twice that speed, i.e. P=500G per core in 37 days.

Are you reserving 74 days work? If so, I'd prefer if people only reserve about 2 weeks worth of work at a time. I'm requesting that in case we have a "heavy player" come along who swoops up and is able to complete everything to P=~15T in 2-3 weeks. We don't straggling ranges holding us up at that point.

On another note, Chris, are you reserving any sieving work? I couldn't tell by your long commentary here.

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