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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
With Carlos now on there, we're already 13% complete with n=350K-351K.

Here is what I'd like to do: I won't post any manual files in the new drive page. If anyone wants a manual range within the range of n=351K-352K, please tell us within 4 hours of this post or by 7:30 AM GMT on Jan. 1st.

With the speed of the server, there is now one stringent requirement: All manual reservations must be completed within 3 days. Please plan accordingly.

We're going to shoot for < 4 days for n=350K-352K so everyone can get back to their sieving and running the other drives.

If there are no takers, I'll send n=351K-352K to David's port 8000 and we'll run the whole n=350K-352K range on the server.

One more thing: An n=350K prime will now come in 4980th place on top-5000 so we started this none too soon! An n=352K prime will come in at 4859th place so the pressure is off after this small effort is done.

Well, I was originally planning to shift my quad over to IB8000 sometime today, but at the rate we're going, it looks like it won't be necessary after all! Given that, I'll keep it on C6000 where it's been for the past few days (my plan being to stick with that server until it reaches n=1M on k=341).

Maybe I'll toss one core of my dualcore on the server so that I can still rake in one or two of those top-5000 primes that I had been hoping to nab easily with my quad.

As for sending n=351K-352K to IB8000: okay, that sounds like a good plan.

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