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With Carlos now on there, we're already 13% complete with n=350K-351K.

Here is what I'd like to do: I won't post any manual files in the new drive page. If anyone wants a manual range within the range of n=351K-352K, please tell us within 4 hours of this post or by 7:30 AM GMT on Jan. 1st.

With the speed of the server, there is now one stringent requirement: All manual reservations must be completed within 3 days. Please plan accordingly.

We're going to shoot for < 4 days for n=350K-352K so everyone can get back to their sieving and running the other drives.

If there are no takers, I'll send n=351K-352K to David's port 8000 and we'll run the whole n=350K-352K range on the server.

One more thing: An n=350K prime will now come in 4980th place on top-5000 so we started this none too soon! An n=352K prime will come in at 4859th place so the pressure is off after this small effort is done.


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