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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Hi all,

As David just recently posted in the LLRnet servers thread, he's started up a new server on port 8000 (IB8000) loaded with n=350K-351K for k=1005-2000. Everyone can go ahead and shift their machines over there as soon as they're ready.


I'll set up an official drive page here within about 2 hours. I'm going to hold off on moving CPU's over...may move 1 quad a little later tonight. Ian and Chris already have the n=350K-351K range at ~10% complete in just 4 hours putting the ETA on the server range at only 40 hours if no more resources were added.

Based on this, what do people think about running the entire n=350K-352K range on port 8000? It would save us admins a little time. At the above rate, we would complete n=350K-352K in 80 hours or < 3.5 days. If I add a quad, then less than that.

Max, if there are no objections, feel free to load up n=351K-352K in the server also.

David, I haven't read many of the posts yet from the last several hours. If you haven't done it already, due to the high-priority of the effort, please make the JobMaxTime 1 day. After we dry this, then future ranges for port 8000 (if we decide to use it) can go back to the usual 3 days.

Thanks everyone for pitching in!

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