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Exclamation Heads-up: ppsieve-CUDA 0.2.0 alpha

The main "stable" version of ppsieve-CUDA, which you'll get if you click on the link at, is version 0.6.1a. However, just a couple of days ago Ken released a new version, 0.2.0 alpha, which is much faster--sometimes as much as 2 times faster in testing over at PrimeGrid.

0.2.0 alpha can be downloaded at:

Note that as of now, the only binaries available for it are the "BOINC version". It can still be used for standalone sieves like here, but note that it prints all of its stderr output to the file stderr.txt instead of to the screen. It also does not print the estimated time of completion, since under BOINC that is automatically calculated by the BOINC software. I'm using this version right now for Gary's currently reserved range of 135G-500G; hence why the est. completion date is marked as "?".

ATI GPU owners stay tuned: the improvements of this version are expected to be implemented for OpenCL soon as well.
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