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Default When was the Mersenne website updated?

Hey all,

I've been checking Mersenne for an updated version of Prime95 every so often. Wasn't aware of the forums et al. I have been running two instances for dual cores for a while. I recently checked and found the new version (25.9) but was a bit surprised when I realised how long the 25.x had been around. After more searching though, it appears that until 25.7 the 25.x versions were considered beta and so not listed on the website. I believe 25.7 was the first version considered official and therefore released on the website (along with I believe the update to Primenet 5) and this was some time in October 2008 but just wanted to confirm. I had thought I last checked in January 2009 but for a new version Prime 95 when I found 2414 still listed but I'm obviously wrong.

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