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Originally Posted by frmky View Post
Bruce normally commits only a small portion of his resources to the NFSNet sieving. For 2,823+/-, he used the big Condor cluster and blew through the sieving for each in about 2 days. They ended up significantly oversieved, so the LA was easier than usual. The smaller matrices fit in 4GB, so Bruce was able to complete the LA for both on a faster 4GB quad-core computer.

7,319- used a quintic, so the sieving was harder. We stopped perhaps a bit early, and ended up with a larger matrix running on a slower computer. It has about another 3 weeks to go.

We've been a bit disorganized of late, so we're not yet sure what will come after 10,287-. Perhaps 7,319+.

I am truly confused. [i.e. my normal state]

I thought that you and Bruce were a separate group from NFSNET. Yes?
No? If you and Bruce are doing 7,319+, then what will NFSNET do?

I have only a small group of cores. On any given night I have about
15 machines (a max of 22, but some get disconnected, turned off, etc).
Some of these are dual-core. But they are only available weekends
and weeknights. b^n ~ 230 digits (perhaps a little more) is my reasonable
limit. I like to work on an entry in the 'first 5 holes' when one is in reach.
Some of the earlier first holes are too easy for you & Bruce, but someone
needs to do them. I thought that NFSNET was doing them.
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