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Default some tools for weights computing...

I was asked about the tools I'm using to compute the Nash weights for the larger k.
Since there might be some general interest, I'm uploading them into this thread, in hope that you find them useful. Thanks to MinGW I was able to prepare some Windows binaries too (since you're all Windoozers, right?).

You should note, that those tools where originally written for my personal use -- so there is no detailed information about the algorithms in the code, nor is there any help file etc...
Also note, that it's all about Riesel-ks, e.g. k*2^n-1. For the Proth-ks one has to modify the source code.

For general information related to the Nash weights you may also have a look into the 15k forum, where I already posted a Linux binary of the nash weight calculator.

The first tool (attached to this post) calculates the Nash weight for a single k. It should work for any k of arbitrary length.

Usage is:
nash <k>
for example:
nash 12345
          12345 2060 2064
The output is of the form <k> <w> <w'>.
The difference between standard Nash weight (w) and modified Nash weight (w') is that the standard Nash weight is computed for n=100001-110000, while the modified Nash weight is for n=1-10000. The latter is related to the Proth weight:
Proth weight = w' / 1751.542
Due to the limitation of only one attachment per posting, I will post the other stuff in the following separate posts...
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