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Well, what I see when I click your link is Nov 29 :razz:
Indeed, the hour was 6:47, and I am GMT+7, but this was never in question. If you count the time from my post, it [U]was[/U] two days and half, as I said.

The fact that I didn't keep the deadline, that is a different issue, for which I am very sorry, I hope they will not get angry with it, theoretically we lost the game few moves ago, when I posted one or two hours late. That is why I don't like to delay until the last days, it always intervene something and I forgot, or I don't have time. If up to me, this move would be posted in the first day, see my first post on this thread.

I don't want to make you guilty for it, far from me this thinking! Your suggestion in the second post to "think better, to avoid mistakes" it is very logical, and we all agreed with it, so it is only my fault that I didn't keep the deadline, about which I am very sorry, but i have some real life too...

And of course, everybody is free (you including :razz:) to post the move, if we get dangerously close to the deadline.

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