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Default Problem with clean MacOS reinstall

Sister gifted me a used MacPro running OS X Yosemite. I was playing with p-1 runs on it in an effort to gauge what % of the RAM was actually usable by the user. At some point I got a little too aggressive, system became unreposnsive. On my old Mac Classic I've always simply pressed and held the on/off button to force shutdown in such cases, then powered back up. On the Pro this seems to have borked something, subsequent powerup attempt gave some form of "disk error" message. After playing with various things (fsck, Disk Utility) sans success, decided to just do a clean reinstall of Yosemite from DVD.

After agreeing to license terms, get "Install OS X" splash screen, below that is a DVD icon, below that is "Select the disk on which to install" but there is no listing of disk options, nothing saying "HD" and 'continue' is grayed out. My first attempt I used Disk Utility to try to repair the borked HD, but it was unsuccessful. Some of the data must still be there, because on loading the boot DVD, the WiFi gets turned on with the usual default network settings. What to do?
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