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Indeed, you want to get clinfo to report more that 0 platforms/devices.

You need an OpenCL implementation even for the CPUs. I seem to remember that Intel offers one for download (for Intel CPUs) but I don't have a link. OTOH I don't expect OpenCL on CPUs to be actually useful other than for trying out/debugging.

For an Nvidia GPU, it is my impression that the CUDA *toolkit* brings the OpenCL driver. (I don't have experience with Nouveau)

For an AMD GPU, one may use either ROCm, or amdgpu-pro, which both have different OpenCL compilers.

So the first step is to get clinfo to recognize something.

Afterwards when starting programming, you may have a look at clwrap.h in gpuowl source code for some utils like compiling a kernel etc.
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