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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
I am looking at the Top 500 lifetime TF and there are 2,337 lines with GhzDays >0 yet 0 Attempts and 0 Successes.

How can that be?

And on the other hand some people with 0 GhzDays and yet >0 attempts the most of extreme of which is:
7378 J Feitsma 0 31580 31580
with 0 GhzDays and 31,580 Attempts and Successes
Perhaps it's all v4 credit, and they haven't actually done any v5 workunits? (As I understand it, this is what one would expect if the person went and claimed the credits from ANONYMOUS by registering in v5, but then didn't actually submit any new results from then on.)
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