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Originally Posted by jasong
lol, I managed to sieve my range to 1 billion, but the second step required so much memory that the computer started thrashing(did I say that correctly? no matter).

I'm going to try again by doing it in two batches.

As to it being two big, I'm doing it for fun and have no idea what I've gotten myself into in terms of whether or not I can accomplish the task.

It'll be fun to attempt, though. (If it takes more than two weeks, I'll try to find a way to send it back. That will be an interesting problem, as the file at 1 billion p is more than a gig.)
Remember to choose the "twin search" on NewPGen, and do not include even k values. For a range of 5G, you should have less than 3 million candidates after sieving to 1 billion
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