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Thanks for the predefs - looking through those triggered a recollection, that I'd previously made a note-to-self for the v20 release re. this, namely that the sysctl.h deprecation was tied not to a specific Linux kernel version, but rather to the GLIBC version. That's useful because GCC predefines don't have info re. the former, but do have the GLIBC version info.

Per this Github discussion, "sysctl() is deprecated and may break build with glibc >= 2.30", so we wrap the #include like so:
#if (__GLIBC__ < 2) || (__GLIBC_MINOR__ < 30)
	#warning GLIBC either not defined or version < 2.30 ... including <sys/sysctl.h> header.
	#include <sys/sysctl.h>
If you make that mod in your platform.h file, does that fix the problem without having to apply your patch?
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