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Okay, I have figured out a way to determine when to patch within the PKGBUILD, as seen here in the prepare function:

prepare() { 
cd "${srcdir}"/"${pkgname}"_v"${pkgver}" 
#Only patch if the kernel version is at least 5.5.0 
kermajver=`uname -r | cut -d. -f1` 
kerminver=`uname -r | cut -d. -f2` 
if [ $kermajver -gt 5 ]; then    
   patch -p1 < "../../sysctl-missing.patch" 
elif [ $kermajver -eq 5 ] && [ $kerminver -ge 5 ]; then    
   patch -p1 < "../../sysctl-missing.patch" 
Basically, if the kernel major version is greater then 5 then run the patch, or if the kernel major version is 5 and the minor version is at least 5 then also run the patch. Otherwise do nothing.

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