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Status on follow ups:

I got a PM response from Chaos. He is going to keep k=213. I have asked him to report his search depth here. He has reported several top-5000 primes for n>2M. I let him know my intent to doublecheck the k up to n=2M so I won't be doing anything that he hasn't already done.

No response on k=221. The last reported status at n=1.85M. I'm currently in the process of doublecheking n=1M-1.85M and will complete it to n=2M.

Shanecruise responded and is fine with me taking k=285. The last reported status is at n=1.64M. I will doublecheck n=1M-1.64M and will complete to n=2M. Work will begin after k=221.

After finding in the threads in several places that the search depth for k=255 is already at n=2M I did not follow-up with Kosmaj. I would not be stepping on any toes doing a doublecheck up to n=2M.
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