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Default Mlucas v19.1 (latest) available

Mlucas v19.1 has gone live. Use this thread to report bugs, build issues, and for any other related discussion.

The only "must have" reason for folks already using v19 is in case you want to also play with builds using the Clang/LLVM compiler on Armv8-SIMD - supporting CPUs, including the new Apple Silicon ones, for which Clang is the native compiler.

Special thanks to forumites ldesnogues for reporting the "v19 won't build using Clang on Armv8" issue and helping to diagnose its root cause. There is also a nifty auto-install-and-tune-for-your-hardware script which author tdulcet has been tweaking based on my feedback and lots of back-and-forth; thanks also to tdulcet and dan2 for the bigly-enhanced version of the work-management script which builds on Loïc Le Loarer's Primenet-API-interfacing work of last year. Details, as always at the above README page.

I have tried to make the README, which is quite sprawling due to the need to support the do-it-yourselfers who are legion in Linuxworld, more easily navigable - I hope the added "jump to"-arrowed in-page-links make it somewhat easier to navigate between e.g. the release description and how-to-build sections.

I expect to be spending the coming week or so uploading patches - hopefully more to the README than the v19.1 sources - and doing a big honking file merge of the v19.1 code changes upward into the v20 development branch, which has lain dormant for the past 2 months. All the v19.1 effort would have been needed in v20 anyway, so the time has not been wasted, I'm simply looking forward to getting back to feature-add work in form of p-1 factoring support.

Please subscribe to this thread if you want to be notified of patch uploads.
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