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Reserving k=213, 221, 255, and 285 to n=2M.

These k's are reserved but last had a status report over 6 years ago. The last prime reported on any of them was nearly 4 years ago. Apparently they are abandoned. Based on the primes reported many of them have probably already been tested to n=~2M so this will likely mostly be a doublecheck effort.

These are the only remaining k < 300 that are reported at n<2M so completing this would be a nice milestone for the project.

I will test (doublecheck?) these 4 k's for n=1M-2M as a followup to my doublecheck of all k<300 to n=1M that is nearly complete. It should only take a few weeks.

Karsten, would it make sense to go through your page for k < 300 and release any individual reservations that are more than 3 years old ?
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