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Default Asking for TF, getting DC


I have a computer that is only ever on occasionally, but when it is on it's usually on for a good few hours (say 3-6 hours) at a time.

It has access to 16 cores and I've set P95 to run 16 workers running TF on each.

Worker 1 collects a TF job, but PrimeNet is assigning LL DC work. Is there any way to override this?

Worker 1 had 14 jobs queued up so for now I've gone into worktodo.txt and reallocated 13 of them manually to workers 2-14, but P95 has just appended the LL DC job to do after that TF is done.

I don't want to do LL work on here - a job takes far too long on a computer that is only running for, say, 12-24 hours a month.
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