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Z390 motherboards all support dual channel memory, not quad channel. Most ATX form factor motherboards feature 4 DIMM sockets, thus 2 DIMMs per memory channel.

Options for true quad channel memory:
- Intel X99 motherboard supporting Intel Haswell-E / Broadwell-E Core X series CPUs
- Intel X299 motherboard supporting Intel Skylake-X / Cascade Lake-X Core X series CPUs
- AMD X399 motherboard supporting AMD TR4 socket Ryen Threadripper X series CPUs
- AMD TRX40 motherboard supporting AMD 3rd gen Ryzen Threadripper series CPUs

Other motherboards featuring Intel Z390, Z370, etc. and AMD X570, X470 etc. are all dual-channel designs.

My two fastest systems for LL/PRP are both X99 with i7-5960X Haswell-E 8-core CPUs and quad channel DDR4 dual-rank memory configurations, at 3000MHz CL15 and 2133MHz CL13 respectively (the second X99 board lacks XMP support so cannot run DDR4 memory above 2133). Several other systems based on Z390 / Coffee Lake 6/8-core CPUs and Z270 / Kaby Lake 4-core CPUs with dual-channel DDR4 memory are all significantly slower.
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