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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
Works great in Win 7.
Except you don't need it :)
We still use 7 in all places where we were not forced to upgrade (and still use XP 32 bits in some places where we were not allowed to upgrade to 7) and 7 still keeps the old shells, and they can still be accessed or customized (however, not immediately, you have to go to some place like "Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/System/Advanced System Settings/Advanced/Performance/Settings" and start clicking check boxes. Or edit policies, etc. Sometimes things are buggy (for example, if you turn off the "show window content while dragging", then later, when you want to turn it back on, you will have to do it 2 or 3 times until it works). But the things are inside, well hidden. The issue starts with Win10, with its squared corners, finger/smartphone oriented interface, etc, you can't drag window sides unless you waste a minute to catch its side, etc. There, yes, we need to install some third party stuff to go back to the original interface.
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