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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
My dad has just bought a 6500 on a h170 chipset. He can't over clock anything on this system. The memory is limited to 2133.
I suspect you might be able to over clock the memory by over clocking the blck of the cpu on a z170. It might be the max memory multiplier that is limited.
Z170 will be less locked down than h170.
I'm not interested in BCLK overclocking -- IMO the extra heat generated is not worth the benefit. Also, this type of overclocking disables the on-board GPU.

I suppose there are several Z170 possibilities:

1) memory multiplier is limited by the CPU (i.e. no overclocking)
2) memory voltage is limited by CPU (i.e only can overclock to 2800 @ 1.2V)
3) non-K CPU does not limit memory OC (i.e. I pick the limit based on perceived cost/benefits).

More to come on the system I'm thinking of building.

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