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Default x.265 half the size, double the computation; so if you double again? 1/4th?

In case my title wasn't clear, I'm wondering about the connection between doubling the computation time for x.265 and the reduction of the size of the video.

Basically, the wiki says that if you give twice the computation time you would give to an x.264 video to an x.265 video, the result will be about half the size of the resulting x.264 video. So, then, my question is...

What happens if you keep doubling the processing time for the x.265 video? Obviously, there are diminishing returns, but does it continue to be about half the size for every doubling of processing time? Are the numbers given simply a coincidence? (the coincidence being half the time is 1/2, double the processing time is 2, and they're reciprocals)
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