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Okay, that's another feelings example.

Perhaps some of our mathematically-simple progress indicators are ill-suited (in terms of feelings generated by impatient observers :) to the reality of what they're measuring. GIMPS progress, depending on the efforts of human volunteers using systems with a wide range of capabilities, is necessarily always going to have some stragglers. That doesn't mean GIMPS isn't progressing smoothly.

Proposal for the GIMPS status page: (1) Instead of always showing the single lower bound of DCs, which progresses in jerks, show only the average exponent of the trailing 100 (or 41 or whatever) DCs. This average would, I think, increase relatively smoothly and not give the misleading impression of jerky progress. (2) Stop showing the countdown of exact number of tests needed to prove Mxx is Mxx -- anyone who wants to know these numbers can derive them from the various report files. When the countdowns reach the single digits, they're not really informative -- they're just provocative to the impatient.

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