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Apparently some of the complainants feel impatience when they view the progress reports of the slow-completers. But those are only internal feelings generated by the complainants themselves, not some real damage done by the slow-completer. So, what actual harm is done in reality by any slow-completer?

I've seen the discussion of errors caused by cosmic rays, and that the likelihood of such errors is proportional to the length of the L-L run. In those discussions it is apparently assumed that slow-completers pose a greater risk of turning in erroneous reports due to such errors.

But the likelihood of cosmic-ray-induced errors is also proportional to each computer's sensitivity to such errors. The slower computers are likely to be those with larger mask sizes used in printing their circuits, thus reducing their sensitivities to cosmic-ray damage, relative to the faster systems with thinner circuitry in which a cosmic-ray hit can affect a larger fraction of the area of a component.

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Bob, Matthias, anyone else -- can you demonstrate actual real harm (not just an effect on someone's feelings) done by a slow-completer?
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