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Default Cela faisait longtemps

You are stpid or it's a game
When I send you a mail I not always have a respond; ff n one neer you can read for you.

But the probblem is when I send a mail it is not in the tread

I explain to you

You have subjects ans when you click on you have messages of other user
Then you have a button 'Post Reponns'' ( ask if you don't now to read English!) You enter a message;you click on 'submit' and it really extraordinarry your message is in the list
When I write to you SOMETIME the message is lost.

But I always wait an answer for moderation
Perhaps they wait racist propos Like le nord de l'eutopoe ne devrait pps exister c'est un ramassis de cons danngeureux qui n'a jamais rieen apporrte a l'humanité

Remember I never need to speak English(In Cupertino they speak also Spain) the french is the 3° language in the word. And your 'patois'?
No matter to be bad in English on a forum but zero info no remeds.

If YOU don't speak an other language you rest in your caverns...
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