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Originally Posted by JohnFullspeed View Post
I don't have only friends on this forum:
It seems that many of users are word champion but when you give performances : no one. Every body go away
But it like this II don't change the spirit
The leader is R.D. Silverman .
He doesn't moderate : he is a censor. He remove mess ans thread
He rest in the dark...
But I give this name because what he does is abject and inadmissible:
I speak to the responsible of the forum and know he can answer


My English is not good but I write there in a writer with orthographic corrector AND I SAVE the doc
It's a simple problem of politess. some times I answer directly but I edit....

It serous: I have the mess (original and modify). And don't forget I work from the french FBI I know well the security and before to accuse I have proves...
Search on the BIG BROWSER AWARE: you find my name...

Jérôme Cretaux
dit John Fullspeed
or Papy John
JOHN here's the problem, you claim proof but then say it's inadmissible (useless in a court of law) therefore under the circumstances Silvermann could sue you and win in my opinion on charges of defamation of character. If in fact you are french FBI , I would personally suggest they fire you on the spot as you don't seem to know about the laws that make these accusations illegal.

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