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Like often when you don't have the answer you answer at an other question
But this time you try to show us waht to show that youare a good informaticman
Wrong! You are still not good:
Your answer is the demonstration of your incompetence

My question can't be with real ou expand for numeros reasons First

Just to shows that it's stupide
i F (n & 7 == 1) or (n & 31 == 4) or (n & 127 == 16) or (n & 191 == 0) then
I remove the if (sorry rthat you don(r see)

Try to compile this code with n real,simple,ou doiuble

If you don't want like me use a AND , OR... iis easy and need only one cycle with a computer: if n%10==3 THEN
I explain you or a axn? He is waiting to terminate my calcul
(We are waiting the time of his fabulous processor).

When you go on primes numbers forums its implicit thaht you wor on Z (psotif integer) you learn when you will be n adult.Perhaps you make an estroaordinarry fif : no reals in the primes number

PS with axn we have not the sames ideas but ,he and I, try to give positifs elements

Thanks to keep stupid comments for you: don't answer to my thread you don't understand: I speak informatic
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