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Originally Posted by JohnFullspeed View Post
When you search a perfzct square the first step is to test the last digit

I need tto find value with 3 like last didit
Id ity possible to make one or two tests like
(n & 7 == 1) or (n & 31 == 4) or (n & 127 == 16) or (n & 191 == 0) then John
As usual you are far too vague for a precise direct answer.

First of all: Do you want to test multi-precision numbers or single precision numbers (for single precision in the FPU range a simple check if floor(sqrt(n))^2 = n is quite efficient).

If you want to test multi-precision numbers there is a second question: Do you really mean "digit" = decimal digit or do you mean bit.

Since most implementations use a power-of-2 base, a mod 1000 is not very effective as a first step. More effective is e.g. a first test mod 128, i.e. use the least significant limb & 127 for a table lookup, this has a rejection rate of about 82%.

As a reference see e.g. H. Cohen, A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory, 4th printing, 2000. IIRC Cohen uses mod 64 instead of 128 (see also the Pari source function carremod in arith1.c)

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