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Originally Posted by diep View Post

I noticed it a lot already. Bugs in the apple calculator at my macbookpro. I have os/x 10.4.11

First how it goes correct. I type in manual by mouse:

10 Y^X 1.24 = 17.....

Now when it goes wrong. I give in 2048^2 * 42 then take log of that,
divided by 2048^2 and the log of that. This gives 1.245....

I store that with M+

Then i give in by hand 10 Y^X MR = 101

I give C to clear screen. Give in 10. to the power MR (1.245...) again 101 as answer.

Maybe not calculate your mortgage with apple sirs!

Doesn't duplicate on WinXP Calculator 5.1. Please indicate that you are dividing by log10(2048^2), should get 17.583....
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